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What Sports can I coach in The Gambia?
If you have a passion for Athletics, Basketball or Football then you could volunteer on one of our Coaching projects in The Gambia. You can teach children how to play; Run Marathons, Basket Ball, Football, Volley Ball and Cricket.

Coaching and playing Football is a very popular option amongst volunteers. Football’s main quality has always been its simplicity; it requires a bare minimum of equipment can be played pretty much anywhere – grass, concrete or sand – and is easy to pick-up. You can coach football in The Gambia.

Volunteer at one of our many sports coaching opportunities and get active, see The Gambia, and share your love of sports with sports clubs and disadvantaged children.

Through teaching and sports you can make a real difference to the lives of the local children and sports clubs. Help and support teachers at a rural school in the mornings and get involved with sports coaching in the afternoons; sessions which the children really look forward to which help focus their minds and provide a beneficial and rewarding activity.

Afternoon sports sessions are really popular with the children in The Gambia. They help to focus the children’s minds and give them something fun to look forward to in the afternoons!

No matter whether; you are on a gap year from university, a student, on a career break or on an extended holiday, there is important work for you to be involved in, as you make an important contribution to the physical education of underfunded sports clubs and disadvantaged children in schools.

Sports Volunteers makes a huge difference to schools and sports clubs; Athletics, football; basketball, rounders, volleyball etc.

We need your expertise to help our grass root Gambian sports, come volunteer with us.





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