Group Volunteers

Group Volunteering can be any form of group. It is a fantastic opportunity for schools, colleges, sports clubs; community groups and those not in Education, Employment or Training. Working with groups is our specialty! The Gambia Volunteers will work with you to identify the kind of projects you’d like to work on. This could be peer education, physical work, sports, environmental or conservation work, or even a mixture of these. Our local knowledge combined with the skills you know you can bring will mean you can develop an itinerary to suit your group. You can also build in social and cultural activities to balance alongside your community work.

Group leaders can feel comfortable that there are risk assessments available, on-site security, local knowledge and guides – all there to help make the task of leading a trip like this as smooth as possible.

Many groups ask us what they can bring – here is a list of suggested items:

Calculators • Scientific calculators • Dictionaries • Geometry sets • A level Maths, chemistry and Physics books. • Pencil cases • Plastic animals • School bags • Reading books (suitable for Africa) • Musical instruments – recorders – drums – guitar strings – anything really • Tee shirts • Socks • Baby clothes – including hats and socks • Pens • Colouring pencils and Pencil sharpeners and Erasers • Badges • Chalk • Rulers • Colouring books • Pencils • Exercise books • Hair bobbles and clips • Perfume • Body oil or moisturiser • Old mobile phones (spread these out in your luggage or you will be expected to pay import duty at the airport) • Memory sticks • Balls • Football shirts or kits • Memory cards • Ear phones • Small speakers • Stencils • key rings • Toothbrushes • Small mirrors • Small alarm clocks • Mascara and nail varnish for the girls • Any medical supplies • Any science equipment for schools

Group Volunteering can be a life changing opportunity for volunteers and above all; it is educational and meaningful.




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