Education Volunteers

The Gambia is the country in Africa to Volunteer in a School.  Englishimage-2242ff803366b9e78acff60ada2176ff5ffa268fe59465851a98c9c819750de9-v is the official language taught in schools. For many children it is their second; third or even fourth language. Volunteers from other none English speaking countries are also welcome to volunteer.

frank-drawingOur volunteers have the chance to make a real impact by helping school children improve their English in classroom based activities, after school clubs and helping students with their homework.

If you’re a qualified teacher or educator you’ll be able to make a big impact by providing support to existing teachers, and even if you’re headed to university or aren’t sure yet what you want to do with your life; you have the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life through education.

We provide our volunteers with plenty of guidance and on the ground support. You may also be involved in some level of sports coaching and outdoor activities with the kids, which is always great fun for everyone involved.

Tourist Volunteers Welcome

Tourism in The Gambia is between the months of October – April. The Gambia Volunteers welcomes tourist to The Gambia to volunteer some days from their holidays to volunteer in community projects or teach in a Gambian classroom or even visit one of our nursery schools to share your expertise with the children.













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