Gap Year Volunteering

Gap Year Students:  The Gambia Volunteers is working closely with some Universities and Colleges Globally to offer Gap Year Volunteering to Universities and College students.

University and College students looking to take a gap year volunteering in The Gambia or perhaps something to do over their summer holiday will have an amazing experience with The Gambia Volunteers.

We have many long and short term projects ideal for Gap year students to be involved in. Please contact us and tell us about your strengths and the outcomes you are looking for. We can then make some suggestions and ideas based on your interests and skills.

The Gambia Volunteers is the ideal charity to volunteer with; for a Gap year volunteering in the ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’… We are the leaders.

In February 2016, The Gambia Volunteers had two remarkable GAP year Medical Students from the Imperial College London. They raised funds for their chosen project at a Nursery School in The Gambia. They painted the school fence, brought water and electricity to the school and donated some learning materials.

We welcome; Gap year students from around the world to The Gambia; to volunteer at schools, hospitals and community projects to improve lives and service to humanity. Volunteering in The Gambia will help students in their academic work at colleges and universities.

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