At Marang Beyai Memorial Nursery we ensure our children make the most of every opportunity to:

We are an inclusive school, working collaboratively with a range of charities and volunteers to maximise opportunities for all our pupils, families and staff.

Marang Beyai Memorial Nursery; ready to include some of the Thrive Principles.

There are four guiding principles of the Thrive Approach:

Community is at the heart of our work and our work extends beyond school and into the local and wider community.

Admission at Marang Beyai Memorial Nursery:

New Pupils: Age 4 years

Admission Month: September

For admission enquiries; please contact the school secretary:

Marang Beyai Memorial School
Brikama Gidda
P.O.Box 5041
Brikama Town
The Gambia

Tel: 00220 – 9848247


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