Medical Volunteers

Volunteering offers a fantastic introduction into the realities of working in a standard health environment as well as unique challenges for professionals wishing to use their skills to help those affected by disasters, conflict and poverty around the world.

We are currently looking for groups of doctors or individuals who would like to volunteer and share their skills in a Gambian hospital.interviewing-patients-with-translator

The Gambia Volunteers works with groups of medical doctors willing to perform lifesaving operations in hospitals, health centres and clinics. There are many critical and minor operations that cannot be performed on a patient in The Gambia due to lack of finance or surgeons to perform the operation.

Some major hospitals in The Gambia are teaching hospitals; medical students will have the opportunity to propagate their medical career by working in a busy hospital. This helps them gain more practical experience.

Hospitals in The Gambian needs your service and support. Gambia Volunteers would like to work with dedicated medical volunteers to organise and ship medical equipment to The Gambia.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or organise a group of Doctors or Midwifes to The Gambia.

Fundraising and shipment of medical equipment is an urgent priority… contact us for details.



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