Students Volunteering

The Gambia Volunteers works closely with universities and colleges to offer educational trips to The Gambia. It is a life changing experience for students to use the trip as part of their school year volunteering.

Students will spend time sharing skills, visiting places relevant to their courses like tourism projects, volunteering at local schools and community projects, form links and compare cultural, religious and poverty differences.

Are you a university or college student looking to volunteer abroad as part of your course?

Maybe you’re doing an environmental course and need some practical experience? Do you need teacher training experience? Look no further!

We have such a variety of projects we are sure we can match you up to what you’re looking for.

We recently had some university Gap year volunteers from Imperial College London who volunteered to paint a nursery school, provided water & electricity and built the children’s playground.

G.V.T wants universities and colleges to partner with us to implement similar schemes that can put the university and College’s foot print in The Gambia. Great community projects that can benefit students make a huge difference to community projects in The Gambia.


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