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More and more schools are taking students abroad to experience volunteering projects and if you’re thinking about Africa, The Gambia is the perfect place to do this.

Only a 6 hour flight away, The Gambia is ranked one of the safest countries, not only in West Africa but all of Africa. People are generally friendly and hospitable.

The Gambia Volunteers will work with you to identify the kind of projects you’d like to work on. This could be peer education, physical work, sport, environmental or conservation work, or even a mixture of these. Their local knowledge combined with the skills you know you bring will mean you can develop an itinerary to suit your school group. You can also build in social and cultural activities to balance alongside your community work.

You could consider collecting resources to bring with you which would be much appreciated by the local schools, like exercise books, pens / pencils, text books, educational posters for the walls. The list is endless.

You may even want to build longer lasting links with a local school and continue to exchange letters and news after your trip. Or you might like to raise money to sponsor some Gambian children to have a secondary education.

Teachers can feel comfortable that there are risk assessments available, on-site security, local knowledge and guides – all there to help make the task of leading a trip like this as smooth as possible.

We welcome school groups to the smiling coast of Africa and your visit will be educational and an eye opener for students to see cultural, social and poverty differences.

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