Building Projects

Our Vision & Global Volunteer Centre

We are working towards our vision for 2017-18 of mobilising volunteer work to upgrade Marang Beyai Memorial Kindergarten and a community centre.  We also aim to support capacity building by using a range of workshops including:

We are looking for global volunteers centres and volunteer organisations from around the global to partner and collaborate Gambian volunteers to make this project a success.

Practical projects to get volunteer groups get involved with

Help a family improve their living conditions – fix doors, brighten walls with paint, help make the place mosquito free by fixing netting to the windows and over beds. This is a very rewarding opportunity for everyone involved.

There is always something that needs fixing – if you are good with tools and do a bit of DIY then come along and lend a hand.

We have templates for nursery furniture which is a great project for skilled carpenter to work on / supporting and improving nursery schools that needs furniture; i.e. chairs and tables repairing. Volunteering for this project would be very helpful and beneficial.

Whatever skills or  volunteer group you belong. The Gambia Volunteers Trust is your partner organisation in The Gambia.

GVT is determine to continue the mobilisation of volunteers and to forge partnership to co-ordinate volunteers projects to meet our targets for 2017-2018.



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